Day 97.

I gotta get back to my exercise routine. I’ve been too busy with other things! Hopefully I can get a workout in tomorrow.

I had a tech appointment today. I went in for an echo, a sonogram of my heart. The mask I brought with me wasn’t allowed. I was able to wear it the last time. I found that a bit odd. They gave me a disposable one and was allowed to proceed to the elevator. The tech was really nice. We discussed everything. I was a bit anxious heading over. I hope everything looks good.🤞🏼 Thankful that our aunt was able to give us a ride.

We did some grocery shopping. I helped unload. I wasn’t allowed to leave the car. Too risky! Yay more food and necessities! 👍🏼 We brought back chicken bakes and hot dogs. The weather was really nice today too so I ordered boba milk tea for the fam.

Animal Crossing update: my island is full! I’m happy with my current villagers. I’m still paying off my current loan and figuring out where to move some buildings. If I only knew where to properly place everything in the beginning. Oh well. Lol. I need bells!

I’m about to practice my uke and heating up my leftover quesadilla. I’m pretty tired. There was a lot going on. I plan to take it easy tomorrow, but remain productive. The week is flying.

Hope your Wednesdays went well! Take care.

Good night.


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