Day 81.

Happy June! Time to start anew. I did yoga today. I’m planning to complete all my exercise goals this month. It’s possible. 🙂

I watched Remember The Titans before bed. It’s one of my favorite sports films. I love the story, the cast, and the music. It’s great! Denzel Washington is also one of my fave actors. Love him!

I kinda got up at a decent time, but not really. Lol. Case of the Mondays.

Watched some Unsolved Mysteries with the fam. We learned about Coral Polge. She was a psychic artist from the UK. Her story is really interesting.

Afterwards I played some Animal Crossing. Lots of new stuff in store for the month! There are fireflies on the island now. And today was my villager’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Keaton! 😊

I helped with the trash and recycling. Then I practiced my yoga. I’m becoming flexible again. Yay! Played my uke too after I exercised.

Back to playing some more Animal Crossing. I need to sell all the fish I found. Woo.

I hope you all had a nice Monday. I continue to be in solidarity with all protestors. ✊🏽🖤 Keep fighting, y’all!

Good night.


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