Day 83.

It was another warm day in the city. I woke up at a decent time, but decided to nap after playing Animal Crossing.

I washed dishes. I don’t like having dishes in the sink whether it’s during the day or overnight. So that allowed me to be productive.

Played with the dogs before I had to pay a bill. They’re so silly.

Watched Gordon Ramsay’s show on Hulu. The restaurant makeover one. I always look forward to the final results. The episode we watched was of a restaurant in Hermosa Beach, CA. Hope they’re still doing well.

Helped make dinner – spinach & cheese ravioli with garlic bread. After that, I practiced some of my uke. I’m getting better at chord transitions.

I exercised after dinner. Yoga and my new ab roller! I’m staying consistent. I miss junk food, but I need to lead a healthier lifestyle. I need to improve my sleeping habits too.

That was my Wednesday. The week is flying! Hope you all had a nice one.

Good night.


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