Day 27.

I was restless for most of the day. My anxiety was up there. I eventually fell asleep for a few hours, which was nice. ☺️

My uke is here! I won’t be able to unbox it until tomorrow. 24 hour rule for cardboard boxes. Better to be overly cautious than not.

Our aunt has officially tested positive for Covid-19. I sent her a message this afternoon and she says she’s doing okay. She’s a nurse so she was bound to be exposed to it. Her entire household has to be tested. I’m thinking of everyone over there, especially our Lola (grandma) and uncle. I pray that they’re okay.

I got to chat with Brea this afternoon via text. It’s always nice to catch up with a friend. I love to laugh! Haha.

British goodies have been unboxed. I’m so happy! Reminds me of our London tour. I miss it so much.

That was my day. Continuing to wish you all well. Be safe! ❤️

Good night.


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