Day 1.

Today was originally an in service day for work. So until Sunday it’s like a regular weekend. But starting Monday 3/16 up until the 27th work will be closed. It could potentially be for longer, but I’m hoping and praying it isn’t.

I obviously don’t have control over the situation and the same can be said for others. I’m trying to remain positive during this turbulent time in our nation + the world. It’s definitely different from my routine.

I’m planning to work on myself, but at the top of my list is rest & recharging. I will also tackle driving. These next few days will be me time. I also fall into the immunocompromised demographic. I’ve always been good about washing my hands. Touching my face is a different story. I will miss social gatherings, but social distancing is absolutely critical. I plan to blog everyday that I’m off. That way I can remember and reflect.

Sunny has been keeping me busy. I love his films! I Fine..Thank You..Love You is the best. I can watch it forever honestly. 😊🥰

Wishing you all well. Please be safe! ❤️


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