Day 2.

I give credit to the original artist for the movie poster. I was unable to find the name on I’m in the middle of the movie. I have about an hour remaining. I like it so far. I can resonate with the film. I miss the old SF. The familiarity and the wonders of it. It’s kinda lost its spark, but I will always love the city. No one can take away my memories and what I remember.

Good old Saturday. I slept in. I felt alright once I had to really get up. I decided to make myself some fried eggs, sliced up an avocado, and topped it off with the everything but the elote seasoning from Trader Joe’s. I really like it! Definitely a nice addition to eggs. Then I had strawberries as a small dessert. My favorite fruit!

I decided to wash some dishes too. Washing dishes is my favorite chore. I put my music on and I’m in the zone. It’s calming for me.

Had Taco Bell for linner. Nachos BellGrande is my classic order & a supreme taco. 👌🏼 Perfection.

I was on social media for a bit. It helps with connection during this time. I even got to chat with some friends via text.

My last thoughts for the night. I will continue to support small businesses! I admire their craftsmanship and the love they put into their work. Thank you!

Planning to finish up the movie. Hope you’ve all had a good day. 💜


Edit: The movie poster is by Akiko Stehrenberger. She can be found on I found her work on IG. It’s a dope poster. 👍🏼

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