Day 91.

I had to take it slow today. I did so much yesterday that I was pretty depleted when I woke up.

Today was my rest day. I love being able to relax. For brunch I had two slices of egg salad with chives on toast. I rave about Kewpie all the time. Not sure if I have on here. Kewpie is so much better than regular mayo. It’s the tanginess. It’s not a lot but it’s there. So good. Check them out if you wanna give them a try. Makes the egg salad experience that much better.

We watched a bit of She’s the Man. One of our fave movies. Amanda Bynes was too good! We also watched Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. Yay!

I decided to take a nap after that. I had a mini headache. And now I’m awake typing this up. I will continue to blog well into the summer. It’s been nice to just sit and reflect. Most of my days can be repetitive, but that’s alright.

Highlight of my day was talking to our Lola. We miss her so much! She’s been bored at home too. Haha. Hopefully we can visit her soon and we can have lunch with her by the porch while we sit in the car.

Hoping to be more productive tomorrow. I’m happy that it’s almost the weekend. Yay! I did practice my uke and played Animal Crossing. 🙂 Hope you all had a nice one.

Good night.


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