Day 20.

Happy April! It’s a new month. Glad to have turned the page on March. We made it! ❤️

I didn’t sleep very well. My insomnia was terrible. And I couldn’t stay asleep. I hate when that happens. So I slept the day away. I’ve been watching episodes of Kim’s Convenience. S4 is here! 😊 I love all the characters and the humor. Too good.

Still a waiting game on a few things in my life. It’s all transitional. I’m learning to be okay with the stillness. I miss what was. I miss everyone. 😭 And I’m waiting on my uke. Watching beginner videos to keep my mind right once it gets here.

I’m remaining positive and hopeful. I never give up on hope.

Hope your first day of April went well! Have a good night.


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