Day 106.

Happy Birthday to you, Ariana Grande! 🖤 Throwback to the last concert I attended. December 2019! She’s always so much fun.

Fatigued. Dealt with more trauma in our neighborhood. It has happened five times dating back to 2019. It’s very scary. We just gotta be vigilant. I don’t understand why people continue to target the same car. Let alone the same neighborhood. 🤬

Animal Crossing update: Bug Off taking place tomorrow! Super exciting. That’s all my villagers have been talking about for the last week. I was so confused. Lol.

Masks. None of them fit me properly! They either folds my ears over or just slip off completely. I lost money since I can’t return it due to the incorrect size. Shoulda just went with a medium. Ugh. That’s my bad. I measured from my bridge to my chin too. Sigh. Please take COVID19 seriously!!! Cases are increasing in California. San Francisco has halted reopening businesses.

It’s been a bleh kinda day for me. I hope it’s better tomorrow. Glad it’s the weekend.

And let’s arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor! Thinking of Elijah McClain and his family too.

Gotta practice the uke. Enjoy the weekend! Take care.

Good night.


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