Day 39.

Mellow Monday. I wasn’t feeling the greatest since I took care of so much yesterday. I got the chance to sleep in.

I’m getting anxious about dealing with some personal affairs. I just hope everything is okay so I don’t stress out even more. I need to call in the morning.

Practiced my uke for a bit. I’m learning how to read tab charts. It’s new to me, but I’m absorbing the new information. I’ve also memorized You Are My Sunshine. Hurrah!

We ordered Halal Guys for dinner. I forgot how delicious it was. I only ate half.

We’ve been playing a lot of Scene It! It’s so much fun. Jogs all of our movie memories. Good times.

I’m planning to sleep early so I can be more productive tomorrow. It really depends on how I’m feeling.

Hope everyone had a nice Monday.

Good night.


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