Day 35.

Sleeping in is the best. As I’ve said again and again – rest is important. 🥰

I had cereal for brunch. Corn Pops reminds me of my childhood. I also had Cocoa Puffs. The best! I really miss Kix and Life cereal. Maybe our next order we’ll list those down.

We watched The Simpsons. The early seasons are gold. Homer always makes us laugh! I want to return to Universal Studios just to visit Springfield again.

I decided to sort through my laundry. I’ll be doing a few loads this weekend. I recycled old college papers and trashed some items that I no longer use. I feel lighter. I’m hoping to tackle my closet tomorrow or Saturday. I’m doing my best to be more of a minimalist.

Afterwards I practiced my uke before dinner. I can’t believe it’s day 8! I’m still struggling with the G chord, but I’m improving overall. I’m paying attention to how I’m strumming too. Practice makes progress!

I had a very pleasant day. I’m hoping to sleep a little earlier tonight, but first ice cream. Lastly, I finally opened my happy mail from Rarity. I love my bow bands! Thank you so much, Casey. 🥰 It’s the perfect accessory for any outfit.

I hope Thursday was a good day for everyone. By the way, Happy 49th Birthday to the queen of Tejano music, Selena Quintanilla-Perez! 💜

Good night.


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