Day 33.

Happy Tuesday! I slept better compared to the other days. I ended up rewatching Four Weddings And A Funeral the series on Hulu. I love the show!

I ate multiple meals. That hasn’t happened in a few weeks. Proud of myself! ☺️ I did snack on chips. I’ve missed it. Now I want Pringles. Lol. Hopefully we can place a grocery delivery in the next few days. There are no openings at the moment. 😬

Played Katamari Damacy! Fond memories of it in 2004. Such a simple and cool game. I love the music and the graphics. This is why I want to visit Japan. Hopefully soon.

I washed dishes before taking a nap. It’s my favorite chore! I’ll do that over anything else.

Had a tele-therapy appointment in the evening. It was nice to catch up with my therapist. She’s super supportive. It’s needed right now especially during the shelter in place.

Practiced my uke with Bianca. I’m gaining confidence with chords and transitions. Day 6 of practice. I hope I can sing along soon. Just gotta carry a tune. Haha.

I miss sports! We might not see it return until the end of the year. Sigh. Better to keep everyone safe!

Proud to be a Californian! Be safe and be well. 💕

Good night.


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