Day 30.

It’s been 30 days! I started with the first day off from work which was March 13th. Time flew by. Wow.

Sleepy. So sleepy. I stayed up watching Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. I’m all caught up. I need more episodes! It doesn’t return until 4/19. 😬 That’s okay, I can wait.

I slept in. Of course! I decided to make myself a cup of coffee. I needed it. Had a quick brunch. Afterwards, I practiced my uke. Day 3! I’m learning the chromatic scale. Took me back to my piano days. The notes are clicking with me. Practicing daily is key! I also learned a few chords of Something.

Wing stop for dinner. Best wings ever!!!

I’m so tired now. Staying up has caught up to me. I need to shower and I’ll probably just keep it a mellow evening. SNL is on tonight. Their first remote episode.

My body is ready to eat chips at midnight. I kept my Lenten promise. I think I’ll go for Cheetos. 😋

Hope you all had a nice Saturday. Be safe and well!

Good night.


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