#TBT: Beari Bear.

Picture was taken on July 25, 2017. Beari was 6 months here. Time flies.

She’s been doing well this week. Nothing really stands out, except she vomited today. It could be connected to her liver issue. The vet confirmed that to me today. Beari will be on medication. Hopefully it helps her enzyme count and we can proceed with her spay surgery. Going to wait it out for a few weeks or even a month or so. She might need an ultrasound too.

I just feel helpless because she’s so young. She shouldn’t be dealing with things like this considering her age. But it could also be due to her genetics. 😦

We’re going to continue to monitor her and keep her happy. I hope she’ll be okay. Go Beari! ❤

That’s my Beari update. Hope everyone had a great day!


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