#TBT: On Field Photo Day – May 17, 2008.


I think we got to AT&T Park at about 7:30am to be first in line.
The good old days. 🙂


The sisters. ❤

It was so much fun getting pictures with the Giants. They don’t host this event anymore. Bummer. 😦 BUT, good times with the past players: Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain, Jonathan Sanchez, Dave Roberts, Brian Wilson, Bengie Molina, etc.


Bengie was super cool! One of the greatest Giants ever.


Dramatic lens flare with Dave Roberts. Haha.

The back story on this photo: Dave Roberts is a UCLA alum. So Loretta wore the hoodie. Dave was heading back to the dugout, but we yelled for him. I think we said Bruins and he came over to take a picture. He said he loved it! The hoodie worked. Hehe. Proud Bruin. Classy dude. Thanks, Dave! (I just couldn’t root for him in 2017. I think y’all understand. Hahaha. #beatla)

So many fond baseball memories. I love the sport! Here’s hoping for a better 2018. GO GIANTS!!!!


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