Day 93.

Cleaning and organizing is a trip! Out with the old and in with the new. It doesn’t get done in a day. Planning to tackle more in the coming days.

I’m pretty tired. My phone updated and a lot of my pictures were “missing”, but it turns out the iCloud was updating as well. I left my phone plugged in overnight and it was done 12 hours later. Thank goodness everything is back.

Played my uke for a bit. And then I got to play some Animal Crossing with Jamie. That’s always fun! But the internet connection went out since her niece messed with the Switch. I bought a cute botanical tee on her island too. Oh well. Maybe my store will carry it soon. Fingers crossed.

We watched some Unsolved Mysteries too. The paranormal ones scare me. It’s a re-enactment, but it’s eerie.

I hope tomorrow is a better day and I’m not as tired. Hope you all had a nice Saturday. Take care!

Good night.


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