What went on this week? A few more days at Disneyland, cancelled flight getting home from LAX (ahhh!), a day spent in SF, and then off to the airport again to visit family in Canada! It was a hectic, but exciting week.

I was so happy about the food in Canada, quality time spent with family – especially my cousins + meeting baby Scarlett, and taking in a new country. I’m obsessed with Tim Horton’s! Haha. I shall return!!

To the pictures!

Monday, August 20, 2018

Disneyland, day two! We got to the park at a decent time to take pictures at California Adventure. We had a lunch reservation at 3:30pm. I wanted to find the UP wall + Buzz Lightyear. SUCCESS!! 🙂

Disneyland’s main entrance. Always exciting to see this!

I thought it would’ve been less crowded on a Monday, but boy was I wrong.

Lines everywhere! But it’s probably the last week of summer vacation for folks.

Bianca took the picture for me. I was so happy! 😀 One of my favorite Pixar movies.

Lunch time!

We were seated. And my heart was broken when I ordered. Or attempted to order. I was so excited to get the Monte Cristo! But due to my shellfish allergy, I was unable to get it. They use the same oil for their seafood appetizers to fry the sandwich. I was in disbelief. WHY?! So I opted for the chicken entree which was pretty good. I still need to satisfy my craving for that sandwich. SOON!

Post lunch selfie. We were ready for dessert! 😛

Walking through the castle to get to the Red Rose Taverne.

THE GREY STUFF!!! It reminded me so much of Disney World. YASSS.

I enjoyed it very much.

After dessert, we did some walking. Hello, Walt & Mickey!

We took a trip back to the hotel to unload and rest a bit. Then back to the park.

All the sugar and snacks! Pixar Pier was amazing.

Fulfilled my Sprinkles craving. They ran out of strawberry though. I was a little disappointed.

DUMBO! My first ride. I honestly can’t remember the other ride I went on.

I remember it: PINOCCHIO! 😀

After the park, we went to our hotel to rest up again and start packing for home.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Packing up the last of my belongings. Then I walked to Downtown Disney for the rest of our souvenirs.

Hello again!

I found the spirit jersey I was looking for. Super popular!

Farewell Disneyland! Until next time.

Time to head over to the airport. A bit early, but we like being punctual!

One last picture in the lobby. Bye, Pixar Fest!!

On our way to the airport. See ya, Anaheim!

Our Lyft driver was super nice. We didn’t get to chat much. I wanted to nap, but that didn’t happen. Haha.

Found this at Hudson News. I loved the movie so much that I decided to get the book!

Boarded the plane early. So happy to head home!

Delays on delays. So I watched The Last Jedi. I finished it before we deplaned.

It was quite frustrating! I know it’s a first world problem, but we had a busy last couple of days. All we wanted was to go home and sleep in our own beds. At first it was a brake issue. It had to cool down from the previous flight. Then the pilots needed to be swapped out due to a labor issue. Waited for the reserve pilots. Those pilots get there only to be notified that the plane needs gas. We have to wait for the plane to be fueled. And then find more reserve pilots. We are asked to deplane and eventually the flight gets cancelled.

I was so annoyed with Alaska. This was the first occurrence of this! We stayed at LAX overnight and booked a flight with United to SFO. 6AM! But we had no choice. We opted out of the comp room. My reasoning was if I fall asleep, I’d have to wake up again. I don’t like the groggy feeling. So Bianca and I stayed awake the entire time. Crabby, but okay. What a trip!

Almost home…

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Rebooking flights. That took almost a half hour. People were pissed.

A few more hours at LAX. I wanted to use the bathroom, but all of them were closed for cleaning. Oh goshhh.

You could say we were delirious.

We had to find an outlet too to charge our phones.

After four hours, we finally walked over to our new gate. It took a while. The floors were being waxed.

In our seats! Yay for pre-boarding!!

6:30am. Almost home!!!


I got to sleep for a little bit and then I had to pack again.

Lounged around with Coco and Beari. Our brownies. ❤

Ran a few errands with Loretta.

Yes to cheese tarts. ALWAYS! I’m a fan.

Koja Kitchen for linner. SO GOOD!

Selfie before heading home!

Got the gifts for our relatives. Time to finish packing.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Off to SFO! Ready for you, Canada. 🙂

Thank you for the ride, brother! Always appreciated. See you again in a few days.

WestJet! Hurrah.

Quiet airport. Our gate changed. And then we had to check our bags in. They were oversized.

Waiting at our gate. Whee!

I decided to go for a walk since there was a small delay.

JOE & THE JUICE. I ordered a strawberry drink.

Boarded the plane. Very roomy and spacious. And we had charging outlets! Super convenient.

Up in the air.

Hello, Vancouver! 😀

It was a quick layover. Had to catch our flight to Calgary.

Hello, Calgary! Had a few hours to sit back and relax before our flight to Winnipeg.

Timbits! DELICIOUS!!!

Almost there! It was a full flight.

Touching down!!

COUSINS! They surprised us at the airport. Thank you for the warm welcome.

PC: Jekah.

Went to pick up our luggage. It wasn’t there. Lol.

The layover was quite short in Vancouver that it didn’t make it onto our flight.

Good news though! It would be on the last flight of the day. We would just have to return after dinner. So it worked out.

Dinner! All the Filipino food. Thank you, Tita Beth and family! ❤ It was all very good.

Afterwards, we returned to the airport to pick up our luggage. Success!! Had Tim Horton’s for a nightcap. Decaf of course!

Very excited to explore Canada. YAY!!!

Friday, August 24, 2018

Filipino breakfast! Thank you, Tita Beth. SO GOOD.

Everything’s been plated.

We took a quick nap after breakfast. Still recovering from our travel day. We’d take it easy.

JOLLIBEE! This is the second location in Winnipeg.

Baby Scarlett! So cute.

Chicken, rice, and gravy. The perfect combo! Thank you, Jekah. Shayne also joined us for lunch.

After lunch, we had to do a bit of shopping. This place is like Walmart.

The sky is hazy because of the fires up North. Reminded me of home.

After our shopping, Jekah took us around downtown. It was cool!

I’ll have a more thorough post about our trip to Canada. And more pics!!

Here we are in front of the legislative building.

We had to get back soon after. Dinner was ready for us! We got to see more relatives. Yay!!

Tita Beth prepared a lot of food. Kare-Kare, our fave!!! Everything was great.

All the cousins went out to get dessert.


I couldn’t finish my slice. Same with Bianca so we boxed it up to go.

That was my Friday.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Winnipeg’s Ribfest!

With the Winnipeg sign. Too cool!

RIBS!!! 🙂

I’m ready for the maple cornbread! It was super good by the way.

Provencher Bridge! Jekah shared a lot of history with us.

This is in Forks, their shopping area. We did a little bit of shopping and more sightseeing.

It was a busy Saturday!

I had a very delicious London Fog!! I’ll include a picture of it in my Canada post.


Sunday, August 26, 2018

Sunday Mass with the family! It was a beautiful church.


We got to see Scarlett again! She was matching with Bianca. Hehe.


Lunch at HalfMoon Diner.


Poutine! I was very happy. 😀


We caught the outlet with 30 minutes to spare. Thanks, Tito!!!

Sit tight for the rest of my pictures from this trip.

Thanks for stopping by!


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