My milestone. 


Today is an important day for me. Ten years ago, I received life changing news. Ten years ago, I didn’t think today would come. But here I am! 🙂 I’ve had my ups and downs. To be honest, it’s been a journey. I’m so thankful for this new decade. Everything I didn’t get a chance to do in my twenties, I’m pursuing now! There’s no time to wait. 

It’s taken a lot of breakdowns, mistakes, tears, and sometimes sleepless nights, but I’m grateful for it all. My family has been with me since day one. There are a few more bumps, but I’m ready! 

Being positive has really helped. Blogging and taking photographs are my outlets when it gets tough. How am I doing with it? Hehe. 

Show gratitude every day. Your mindset creates your reality. Anything is possible! 


Adventure is out there! -Ellie, UP

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