What went on this week? Getting used to my work routine, celebrating Bernice’s birthday, my usual errands, and visiting the Nike ad downtown. It’s very significant!!

Just a laid back week + spent quality time with family.

To the pictures!

Monday, September 3, 2018

This is my only picture from that day. I was feeling so-so. But I had my coffee! Good old Tim Horton’s. ❤ Decaf double double.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

I took a shower. It was refreshing! I decided to wear my Little Mermaid Disneyland spirit jersey. I’ll take a better picture of it next time. 😛

And this day was very important because it was Beyonce’s Birthday!!! I’m sure I was listening to her as I took this picture. HBD, BEY!!!!

Once I got to work, I decided to read a bit and listen to more music.

It was a good work day. The weather was nice too. I went home right after and hung out with the dogs.

Beari being Beari. Sally took a nap when I watched her downstairs.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Early morning for me. I had to take care of errands before work. Hurrah! I decided to wear these leggings underneath my joggers.

Beari woke up before I left the house. Hi Bear! 🙂

The wait at the lab wasn’t too long. I almost always get a timed ticket. Lots of nice people there! Thanks for the ride, brother.

I decided to have lunch before heading downtown. Panda Express! I ordered a bowl with fried rice, chow mein, and I tried the honey sesame chicken. Pretty good.

Everything was great!

Downtown. It’s pretty gloomy.

It’s a great feeling when you board an empty bus + the bus is there when you get to the stop!

Nike Air Max! FAVES.

I was testing out portrait mode on my phone. LOVE IT.

After work, I decided to visit Colin Kaepernick’s Nike ad at Union Square. It was awesome! I stand with him. It’s an important conversation to have. I remember my undergraduate days at UC Davis. I worked at the Cross-Cultural Center. I was surrounded by different communities and I learned so much.

Racial injustice is real! And enough with police brutality, especially for the most vulnerable and marginalized communities. Stop the violence. Black Lives Matter!!!


I spotted a few news vans and many other folks were taking pictures of the billboard.

I had to take care of a few more errands. After that, I wanted coffee. So I ordered my first pumpkin spiced latte of the year!

Football! Go Niners!!

Decaf PSL! My typical order. I’m too sensitive to caffeine.

I went home after getting my coffee.

I had a light dinner.

Avocado and brown rice + quinoa. Super simple, but good.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Hi, Sally! She’s so sweet. Still a bit unsure of us from time to time, but she’s home.

Bumped into my aunt and uncle. Hi, Tink!

Finally downtown. A different view.

After work, I was ready to head home. But my plans changed! I got ready for a surprise birthday dinner for Bernice. I love surprises!!

I hung out for a bit before heading to the Embarcadero.

I love the Embarcadero!

Some streets were closed off due to an evening race.

We met up at Delancey Street Restaurant! It was everyone’s first time I believe. I loved everything about it. If you’d like to check it out, here’s the link.

Steak, salmon, and pasta! Everything was wonderful.

Fruit tart for dessert.

Thank you, Delancey Street! I shall return. Our waiter was Marcus. He was awesome.

We bumped into Sister Frances from high school. She was dining there too. She recognized us.

After dinner, we looked at the Bay Bridge light installment. So pretty.

Some of us still wanted dessert, so we went to get ice cream at Mitchell’s. 😀

I finally got to try horchata. Loved it!

Then we wanted to catch up a bit more so we hung out at Brea and Justin’s place.

Party of Five! ❤ I still need to finish the series.

Surprise for Bern! Too cute.

Happy Birthday again, Bern! ❤

Friday, September 7, 2018

We stayed over for a few hours. We had moscato, chocolate, strawberries, and tea.

We discussed a lot of topics: Crazy Rich Asians, our Asian American identities, politics, etc. Great catch up sesh!

I had two glasses. It didn’t make me tired. I was awake.

We looked at wedding pictures! It was so cute.

I didn’t sleep until late. Maybe 5am? Insomnia.

I got through work okay. TGIF!!!

Downtown views.

I walked as fast as I could to catch my train. Delays usually happen during the evening commute. It’s expected. LOL.

Hot mess.

It’s a typical day in San Francisco.

Sun in my eyes. Ouch. Happy to almost be home.

I was very excited to eat this! Ted’s!!! An SF staple.

That was my awesome Friday!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2018

I stayed up to watch this Thai movie: I Fine..Thank You..Love You.

I approve! It was adorable. And I’m in love with the actor, Sunny!!! ❤

I slept in a bit. I always do during the weekend. This was delivered. YES! It’s so cool. I wanted a new jean jacket. Got it for a great price.

We ordered Indian food for lunch. Always so good.

Some of it was a little spicy. Drinking milk helped.

I wanted a cheeseburger for dinner. So I ordered that. Check out that fry!

Spent the rest of the night with the dogs and watching the news.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Good morning, Beari!

I was still groggy, but I wanted to watch the Niners game. They were in Minnesota. I caught the game at 11am.

We didn’t do very well. The Vikings are good!

Time for lunch with Dad and Lola (grandma) Mila.

They speak another Filipino language. We grew up hearing it.

We decided to stop at the cemetery before eating lunch. It is Grandparents Day after all! ❤ We owe a lot to our grandparents. I miss them every day. They raised us. Still striving to be the best version of myself.

There was a wait for a table. It is a Sunday.

Finally seated. One of our favorite restaurants!!

Everything was delicious! Happy stomachs.

Part of my plate and the other dishes.

Lola, Bianca, and me.

I was attached to Lola when I was a kid. I still fondly think of her in that way. She did so much for us when we were kids. I’m returning the love and care.

Target adventure! We spent about an hour there.

But before Target, we went to Sephora and McDonald’s for coffee and ice cream.

The candy aisle always makes me happy. And Cadbury has a harvest mix for the season. I never knew about this! So life changing. Haha.

Lola wanted tea so we helped her find her favorite brand and it has to be decaf. 😀

Their songs were in my head when I saw this.

After Target we went home and called it a day. I was very sleepy.

Before the night was over, I snacked on these. I bought them at the airport in Vancouver. I’m a chips girl! I just love snacks in general. It was pretty good. I might buy it again.

That was my week.

Thanks for stopping by!


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