The Bay Area was shaking this morning. I was startled because I just fell asleep. I had insomnia due to Beari’s surgery day. She’s already at the vet. I miss her. We get to visit her later! I’m sure she’ll be happy to see familiar faces. ❤

Anyway, it was a 4.4 magnitude which started in Berkeley, CA. Everyone was updating via Twitter or Facebook. It’s a wake up call! They’ve been telling everyone to be prepared. Emergency kits are super important during an event of a natural disaster.

I was quite young in 1989, but I have fragments of the Loma Prieta earthquake stored in my memory. Faint, but still so frightening.

Be prepared! That’s the point I want to drive home.

Back to sleep I go. Happy Thursday! And expect a few entries later on today. #tbt



No surgery for Beari today. Had to take care of labs. We’ll know the results tomorrow. She’s just happy to be home and is in good spirits. ❤️ She’s currently napping on the futon.

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