For Lola <3

Lola SC

On this date, six years ago, I lost one of the most important people in my life. I think of her daily. There are days where I really wish she were around to give me advice, make me laugh, or just see her smile.

I’ll never forget her humility, her love, and her support. I can remember when my siblings and I would play school with her. She taught us how to spell and sing many songs. Her teaching background really inspired me.

I’ll always cherish the holiday season because of her. We made it a tradition every December to shop & wrap presents together as a family.

Lastly, my fondest memories would have to be in high school. After those long school days, we’d drop in at the house to have a snack and even take a nap on the couch. Lola would always put a blanket on us making sure we were comfortable. I’ll never forget that.

Thank you for everything, Lola Santa Clara. I miss you and I love you.


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