Friday, April 26, 2019

Vancouver, BC! 🙂

It was a travel day for me! I didn’t get much sleep because I was super anxious and excited. It never changes. The flights went smoothly for the most part. No delays of any sort, which was nice.

We did have a short layover in Seattle, so Mom and I bought lunch at Beecher’s. The sandwiches were amazing! We didn’t get any mac & cheese because it wasn’t ready yet. Oh, well.

Our flight to Vancouver was short. The plane was a lot smaller compared to our flight going to Seattle. I was a little nervous, but not really. Mom freaking out didn’t help, but I just kept thinking good thoughts. She doesn’t fly enough btw.

Once we landed, got into our taxi, and arrived at the hotel – it was time to rest! We watched some baseball on TV (Blue Jays vs. the A’s), but I napped for a few hours before dinner. The hotel was awesome! So close to everything. I’ll be sure to write a separate entry about Vancouver, BC. I definitely want to go back. Canada is fun!

That was my Friday. Vacation mode. 😀


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