It’s been quite a week for me. Where do I start? Everything is kind of a blur. It’s the last week of work before holiday break. I had to take my break early due to unforeseen circumstances. I’ll go into detail on Wednesday, 12/13.

I’ve been recovering these last few days. Haven’t had much of a routine other than sleeping, napping, watching Netflix, listening to Christmas music, watching vlogs on Youtube, etc. I’ve also been MIA on social media. I don’t want any spoilers for The Last Jedi.

I did get to setup the Christmas tree before I got sick, so hurrah! 🙂

Here’s my week. Cheers!


Sunday, December 10, 2017

I was recovering from all the holiday party fun. But real life set in and we had to buy dog food. Loretta and I ventured to the pet store! We finally bought Beari a nice sweater vest for the holiday season. She loves it! Red is definitely her color.

I spent the rest of the day at home. I think I watched a movie or something. I can’t recall. Like I said, this week’s been a blur.

Chill Sunday!


Monday, December 11, 2017

Manic Monday! Another cold one. The new work week begins!

Time to head downtown.


We meet again! I love JapaCurry. 😀


Ordered the chicken karaage curry. SO GOOD!!!

After lunch, I decided to take a walk since I had some time before work.


Nob Hill views. Always breathtaking.


I got to see the Powell cable car pass by. Love it!


Blue December skies.

Work went well. Time to get home!


Stopped by the Ritz-Carlton to see this! More holiday decor.


This is one of my favorite trees downtown. It’s in front of the Bank of America building.


Dropped in at Whole Foods to get the necessities.

Did a lot of walking on this day.


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Had to run some errands before work. Got my PSL on the way home.

The city is in mourning with the passing of Mayor Ed Lee. I was stunned.




Another pretty Christmas tree! 🙂


Flags half-staff for Mayor Ed Lee.


Getting festive at work! YAYYY.

Bought these really good holiday shortbread cookies from Walgreens. But Walker’s over everything TBH.


Wednesday, December 13, 2017


(But I really had no idea what was in store for me :C)


Lyft rides with Mama. Don’t hate me for posting this, LOL.


From the archives. Serramonte in the 80s. OOH! Haha.


Bus life.


Walking around to get lunch.


Gigantic ornaments. YEAH!


Turkey cranberry sandwich on sourdough. (I think this aggravated my stomach issues. TMI, but putting it out there.)

I also ordered a white chocolate cranberry cookie. Didn’t help me at all.


People watching. I haven’t ice skated in years.


In my Lyft line. I wasn’t feeling well after work. Felt really nauseous.

I went downhill from there. 😥


Tried to nap. Looks like BB-8!

Various trips to the bathroom. I’ll spare you the details.


Decided to go to the ER. It was a must!!! I was super dehydrated.


I was exhausted at this point. A long wait to get a room. The ER was short staffed.

The wait was excruciating for me. 😦


Thursday, December 14, 2017

Mom was with me the entire way! She and I were both tired.

We got in at 11:05pm, 12/13/17. Didn’t get a room until 3:30am. A lot of waiting which is to be expected.


As odd as it is to say, comfort! 😛


Fluids via IV. I’ve got small veins. The nurse tried 4 times. He even attempted once by my thumb joint. That one hurt. WAHHH.


On the road to recovery. I wanted to nap, but I couldn’t fall asleep.


Almost outta here. Waiting to be discharged.

Here’s my blog entry from Thursday if you didn’t get a chance to read it.


We’re going home!!!

I had to miss the last day of work before break because I was too weak. I’ll see everyone again in the new year!

Sent an email and text messages and finally went to sleep.

I woke up with a fever a few hours later. That meant no movie for me! I was super excited about The Last Jedi too. UGH. Oh, well. Things happen. I haven’t been on social media since. No Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for me. I’ve been very good about it.


Friday, December 15, 2017

Got to hang out with Coco while everyone went to the movies. Mom stayed behind as well.


She’s so nice!!!

I fell asleep and then the fam returned. They said they loved the movie. I HOPE I WILL TOO! (I’m going to see it tomorrow so I can finally rejoin society :P)


Anyway, this has been my view these last few days. I haven’t been able to leave my bed. I don’t want to spread anything to anyone and be blamed for it. I hate that.


Saturday, December 16, 2017

Bed head and tangles galore. (I tried to fix it with Bianca’s help.)

My diet has consisted of: toast, applesauce, sips of Gatorade, sips of water, saltines, and bananas. I ate some rice and eggs, but I think I rushed it. I felt nauseous for most of the night. I didn’t sleep well either because of it.

I just want to be me again. I’m not sure how I caught this virus, but I’m pretty much over it. It’s a bummer.

I’m making progress each day. It’s definitely important to rest and sleep.

That was my hectic week. I hope this week will definitely be better.


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