This week was fun, but also very somber. Visiting my cousin in the hospital put a lot of things into perspective for me.

Coco celebrated her 17th doggy birthday, attended Beyoncé Mass, the Giants BEAT LA, and I got a cool hat (with a missing button, meh).

I dedicate this post to my beautiful cousin, Maria aka Marian. We miss you so much already. RIP. ❤

To the photos!

Monday, April 23, 2018

Monday afternoon! Waiting for the train.


Please hold on. Got a good seat!

Latest art installment at Grace Cathedral. Captivating.

Monday work day went smoothly. Pit stop at Target. Now off to catch my train home.

Giants game congestion. I was headed the other way. 😛

I timed it perfectly to catch the train. Yay, no wait! 🙂

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Happy 17th Birthday, Coco! ❤

There was a lot going on in the morning. I needed a mental break. I felt off.

Self reflection after work. Thinking of Coco’s birthday festivities. 😀

Got picked up from work. Let the birthday festivities begin!!

Picking up birthday cupcakes. My fave!

Birthday girl is ready for her closeup.

She wants her cupcake. Haha.

The selection. Sprinkles does it right!!

Happy Birthday, Coco! WE LOVE YOUUU!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Good morning, Beari!

Ran some errands in the morning. And the farmers market was around!!


Chicken wrap for lunch.

Boss brought in some doughnuts! YAYY!!

Decided to attend Beyonce Mass after work. I figured I’d check it out.


Rev. Dr. Malcolm Clemens Young and Rev. Jude Harmon closing out the service.

Pink for Beyonce!! I had a great time. Music tied together with social justice, politics, and the identity of a black woman. It was so powerful!

Heading home. Took the scenic route.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

After my volunteering shift, I decided to grab lunch before work. Chicken banh mi. My usual (and favorite) order. I don’t include jalapenos. Intense.

Work went well. My heart was sad though. We decided to visit our cousin at Stanford Hospital. Thankfully, family waited for me. I got stuck in traffic, but I made it back in time!

Hi, Tink! She wanted to come with us. Aww.

Stanford is huge! We kinda got lost, but found our way.

I wore a mask due to my immune system being wacky.

9:34pm. We stayed for a few hours. We prayed and caught up with relatives. We also met new faces.

Mesmerized by these windows because it was reflective.

Our cousin, Maria, was located in this unit. I prayed my hardest for her.

We said our goodbyes. Time to head home. Even with all of the somber moments, the family smiled and even laughed.


Friday, April 27, 2018

Walking back to the car. Elevators were out of service.

Driving back to the city.

Comfort food. Always delicious.

I went to bed about an hour later. I had to digest.

Good morning! Sleepy Beari. I was happy I got to sleep in a bit.

Then I got ready to volunteer. Screening scholarship essays. Whee!

I volunteered for about two hours. Then, I got ready to head over to AT&T Park. Rivalry weekend! 🙂 BEAT LA!!!

Willie Mays!

I had two hours until gates opened. I just hung around and looked at the clock.

Hey there! 😛

Walking by the visiting dugout. GO GIANTS! 🙂 ALWAYS!!!

What a nice day! It was quite windy though.

From the bleachers. The view is great from anywhere!

Bianca with her hat! The giveaway for the game.

Artistic angle! 🙂 These seats are from Candlestick Park. Nostalgia.


Cha cha bowl and jerk chicken nachos. YAY!

Walking up to our seats. We needed the extra steps.

In our seats! Row 10, not bad.


PANIK! But it also says BALK. IT WAS GREAT!!!

HUNTER STRICKLAND! The 7th inning rally saved us. CLOSE IT OUT!


BIANCA! She’s happy with the win.

I am too. Bahaha.


Once we got home, I was overwhelmed with sadness. The family went to visit our cousin at the hospital while we were at the game. I kept reminiscing about the past and when we were all growing up together. I miss those days. Life happens. I just wish we had more time. And the reality is that you can’t get time back. I have some regrets these last few years and I really wish I could make it up, but I can’t.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Sleeping in. YAY! I stayed home and I didn’t do much. Rest day.

I took a long walk. I needed to close my rings and I needed to think.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

I woke up to the news of my cousin passing. I cried and said a prayer.

I was really sad. She fought the good fight.

Church gave me peace and hope.

RIP Maria. We love you! ❤ Photo cred: Cano Family.

I really wanted oatmeal. So I made it.

It was a beautiful day. We believe it was our cousin’s spirit! Always full of light and positivity.

The sisterhood is strong. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time.


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