The final week of 2017. WE MADE IT! It’s been quite a year for me, but I’m still standing. Resiliency.

Christmas festivities and just resting up after the holidays. Lots of staying up and sleeping in. My vacation is winding down. I’ll miss it, but I’m ready for my usual routine.

Here’s my week!


Sunday, December 24, 2017

Stayed in to watch the Niners game. ANOTHER W! JIMMY GQ!! πŸ™‚ It’s okay to admire someone, even if he’s that good looking. LOL. We’re on the come up. Looking forward to next season!!

I also had my usual cup of tea: English Breakfast with two teaspoons of sugar & whole milk.

I remember eating a bunch of leftovers.

I stayed up. Too excited for Christmas!


Monday, December 25, 2017

Put on my Lush mask. My face needed some TLC. The winter weather is owning me. I loathe it. I really do. My hands have also been super dry. Lots of moisturizing.


Christmas morning. Beari’s first Christmas!

She didn’t want to get up. These cold mornings though.


Went to church with the family. Always a beautiful service. ❀


Rushed home to watch the Dubs game. (WE WON! :D)

We ordered Jack in the Box via DoorDash. It’s legit!! We didn’t have to drive over, which was great.


My favorite photo of the dogs that day. PRECIOUS.

We opened presents afterwards. I got a lot of wonderful things. I’m grateful! THANK YOU.

Some of my favorite gifts: Kylo Ren items, a Champion sweatshirt, Backstreet Boys merch, and perfume!! I feel like a winner. WHOO!!


Hanging out with Coco. I wore my Feliz Navidog sweater. So good! Hehe.


The sisters and I prepped the turkey. YAY! It was our first time. Success!

Bianca and I made mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, butternut squash, and carrot cake. So much food.


After 3.5 hours, the turkey was ready! It was perfect.



After dinner, we had to visit our relatives. More food! Haha.


We hung out with Tink! We also played Connect Four & Jenga. It was a chill night.

We didn’t stay for too long because we needed to bake. I’ve been wanting to bake carrot cake for some time now. I WAS READY!!


Tuesday, December 26, 2017

CARROT CAKE! Staying up was worth it. Thanks for the recipe, Betty Crocker. πŸ˜€

I slept for most of the day. I woke up at around 1pm, only to go back to sleep and then wake up at about 5:30pm.

The holidays can be a lot. I’ve learned to pace myself. And BREATHE!


I had boba waiting for me. Thanks to the sibs!

The boba wasn’t the right consistency, but it might be because it was sitting in the fridge for almost two hours. I had to nap! Still good nonetheless.


The dishes piled up. Oh, boy.


Got Halal Guys delivered. Thanks again, DoorDash.


It was pretty good. I’ll have to try it again, maybe in person. The white sauce was delicious.


Wednesday, December 27, 2017

More leftovers. More tv.

It was a pretty relaxing day with the sisters and doggies.


Went with the bro to pick up Mom. Took Coco along for the ride. Always fun hanging with her!


Decided to make spam fried rice. Lots of leftover rice + garlic.


My bowl with kimchi! YUM.

Watched a few episodes of Unsolved Mysteries with Bianca. I was spooked. AHH!


Thursday, December 28, 2017

My cup of tea. I definitely needed it.

We had some errands to run. I needed to order my contacts!


Beautiful sky. Had to wait for the next train because we missed this one.


Cotton candy skies.


And we wait.

Contacts ordered. Star Wars book purchased + bagels & brie cheese. Successful Thursday!


Heading home. Currently my favorite beanie.


Beari and Tink finally got to meet. Lots of barking and treats! I’m sure they’ll be good friends. Beari needs to be familiarized with a lot of elements. This was the first step.


Friday, December 29, 2017

Stayed in bed for a while. My thoughts exactly, Beari. Hehe.

I napped too. I really needed it.


Visited the family in the 650. It’s nice catching up with them. We love Lola Mila! ❀


We brought chow mein and fried rice over.


Lola unwrapping her present. We gifted her a beanie.

It was a great visit! I even got a scarf from my Auntie. YAY! I love scarves.
And our uncle is super generous. Thank you for the Christmas presents.
Always appreciated.


Saturday, December 30, 2017

Chinatown photo adventure! I met up with my friend Claudia. She organized it. I got to meet some new folks. Super cool!


I was the first one to arrive. The wait wasn’t long. Saw this awesome bear!


Dragon gate entrance of Chinatown. Pretty!


This is Sam and Claudia. She was sharing the history of Chinatown. She went to school and grew up in the area. I love history! She was a great tour guide.

I’ll share a few pics from yesterday, but I’ll type up a separate Chinatown post because there are so many pictures that I still need to upload. Bear with me! Hoping to have it up in a week or so.


Stopped by the fortune cookie factory. It was busy. We didn’t go inside. Fond memories from 4th grade when I went with my class. Thank you, Ms. Everett! ❀


Bruce Lee mural. Banksy’s work used to be on that wall.

So many pretty murals!

There was a lot of walking which was great, but I was fatigued in the middle of it. Had to slow down a bit.

I ate a lot of dim sum, especially pork buns & sesame balls. MY FAVE COMBO!! I can never pass up any of it because it’s that delicious.

After our walk, we ended up at Li Po Cocktail Lounge. Made famous by Anthony Bourdain! We all had a drink and reflected on the day.




The exterior.


After drinks, we got a bite to eat. Vegetarian food at Enjoy Vegetarian restaurant! It was delicious. All of it.

Good times with Claudia, Sam, Kristina, Alex, and Sarah!

It was a long day, but we all survived! I even ate durian. In cake and in fresh form. I’d eat it again.

That was my week. I hope you enjoyed it!

I’ll see y’all in the New Year! Be safe and have so much fun!!


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